College English Association of Ohio

Ohio University-Chillicothe

101 University Drive

Chillicothe, OH 45601

June 7, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

The College English Association of Ohio (CEAO) and its president Amy England invite you to participate in and present at our fall conference on Old Wine in New Bottles: New Ways of Teaching Novels, Writing, and Rhetoric. The conference will take place at Ohio University-Chillicothe (OUC) on October 24, 2008.

This year’s is a back-to-basics theme, one that I hope will engage us in sharing and enjoying novel methods of teaching the novel and writing.  Administrators are invited to present their views on Ohio’s new state-led initiatives for higher education.

Don Pollock, acclaimed creator of the Knockemstiff tales, will be the keynote speaker. His career evolution from factory worker (32 years) to outstanding OUC student, graduate MFA student, and newly celebrated author well represents the intent of this conference—to draw in diverse participants whose life interests are literature and writing.

CEAO looks forward to seeing you on October 24th. Please share the enclosed material with members of your department. Thank you.


Veena P. Kasbekar

Veena P. Kasbekar, Vice President