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Nancy Dasher Award

The Nancy Dasher Award recognizes outstanding publications in three areas: creative writing, professional and pedagogical issues, and literary scholarship (including theory). The year 2008-2009 award will be in the category of pedagogy.  All books published during the calendar years 2006-2008 are eligible for nomination.

The Chair of each CEAO department may nominate one or more books written or edited by his or her faculty based on Department size. Departments with 1-11 members may submit one entry; 12-30, two entries; 31-50, three entries; and over 50, four entries.

To nominate a book, please send three copies to:
Professor Robert Lowe McManus
Bowling Green State University
General Studies Writing Program
215 East Hall
Bowling Green, OH  43403
Phone: 419-372-0573
Please include a short cover note indicating that the books are to be considered for the Dasher Award.

Deadline for receipt of nominations: January 23, 2009.

The Nancy Dasher Award is announced formally at the annual Spring Meeting of CEAO.

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History of the Nancy Dasher Book Award

The Nancy Dasher Book Award, given by the College English Association of Ohio, each year recognizes a publication by a faculty member from a CEAO-member department in one of three areas: literary scholarship, creative writing, and professional and pedagogical issues.

The chair of each member department that has paid its CEAO dues for the academic year may nominate one or more books by members of his or her faculty, based on department size. Departments having 1-10 members may submit one entry; 11-30 may submit two entries; 31-50 may submit three entries; and over 50 may submit four entries.

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Past Recipients of the Nancy Dasher Book Award

2008 Literary Scholarship and Criticism: Paul Christian Jones (Ohio University), Unwelcome Voices:  Subversive Fiction in the Antebellum South

2007 Creative Writing:  Sharona Muir (Bowling Green State University), The Book of Telling: Tracing the Secrets of My Father's Lives (Schocken Books).

2006 Pedagogy: Editors, Jacqueline Jones Royster and Ann Marie Mann Simpkins (Ohio State University), Calling Cards: Theory and Practice in the Study of Race, Gender, and Culture

2005 Literary Scholarship and Criticism: Andrew Escobedo (Ohio University), Nationalism and Historical Loss in Renaissance England: Foxe, Dee, Spenser, Milton.
Creative Writing: Jeff Gundy (Bluffton University), Deerflies, and Erin McGraw (Ohio State University) The Good Life.

2002 Lee Martin (Ohio State University), From Our House (E. P. Dutton, 2000).
Honorable Mention: Maggie Anderson (Kent State University), Windfall (Pittsburgh University Press, 2000).

1995 David Citino (Ohio State University), The Discipline: New and Selected Poems

1994 Patricia Harkin (University of Toledo), Contending with Words

1993 David Citino (Ohio State University), The Discipline: New and Selected Poems

1992 Mary Jean Corbett (Miami University), Representing Femininity

1991 Louis Giannetti (Case Western Reserve University), Understanding Movies (5th ed.)

1990 Elton Glasser (University of Akron), Tropical Depressions

1989 Barton R. Friedman (Cleveland State University), Fabricating History: English Writers of the French Revolution

1988 Lee K. Abbott (Case Western Reserve University), Strangers in Paradise

1987 Wallace Martin (University of Toledo), Recent Theories of Narrative

1986 Hollis Summers (Ohio University), Standing Room

1985 Michael Mott (Bowling Green State University), The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton

1984 James Reiss (Miami University), Express

1983 Raymond E. Fitch (Ohio University), The Poison Sky: Myth and Apocalypse in Ruskin

1982 Jack Mathews (Ohio University), Dubious Persuasion

1981 Edgar Branch (Miami University), Twain's Early Tales and Sketches

1980 Gordon Grigsby (Ohio State University), Tornado Watch

1979 Philip O'Connor (Bowling green State University), Stealing Home


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John Hollow Award

The John Hollow Award is given to a member of CEAO who has made outstanding, long-term contributions to the organization.  The award was established to honor the memory of John Hollow, former CEAO President and Chair of the Ohio University Department of English.  John Hollow was a strong but gentle leader, under whose expert direction CEAO thrived.  He was appreciated for his sage judgments, his enthusiastic leadership, his wisdom, his remarkable wit, and his commitment to the mission of CEAO.

Recipients of the John Hollow Award: 

Sandra Stephans, Youngstown State University,  2008
James Farrelly, The University of Dayton, 2006
Peter Bracher, The University of Dayton,  

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